Nestled in the heart of the Red River Valley in Minnesota, you will find our family business. I, Lynn Brakke and my family from Moorhead, Minnesota made a commitment to sustainable farming practices over 20 years ago. As an organic producer I feel social responsibility is a major commitment for my farming operation.

cow closeReliable, sustainable farming practices, I feel, are the healthy choice. In 1993, our Minnesota farm began its transition to become a 100% organic operation. According to USDA organic standards, this transition requires a 3-year period in which any and all chemicals and their residues have a chance to be flushed from the environment.

Since we gained organic certification in 1996, we have strived to restore insight and integrity into farming and ranching operations. This is especially evident when one considers the dedication required to raise crops and animals using these methods.

cow group The end result is you, the consumer, eating a superior product that is healthier due to less exposure to carcinogenic chemicals. You are choosing a quality product that stands on reliable and sustainable farming practices.

Simply put, it is the healthy choice!


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